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Grow your Business in MENA Region with Top Digital Marketing Trends

Grow your Business in MENA Region with Top Digital Marketing Trends - salesleads

Grow your Business in MENA Region with Top Digital Marketing Trends

When it comes to digital marketing trends, it is quite different in the Middle East than in other parts of the world. Usually, people in the Middle East rely on traditional means to convey their information rather than using modern technology. Digital marketing is all about plugging in core factors such as sales, coupons, discount factors, and more. But, in the Middle East, you will find different marketing techniques that revolve around the consumer journey and experiences.

Today, the Middle East is expanding at a much faster rate in terms of technology. Both e-commerce and digital marketing are gaining huge popularity there. This results in more job opportunities and employment for the people in that region. When talking about digital marketing trends, social media, content marketing, PPC, display ads, Google ads are commonly used by businesses of all sizes.

So what are the top digital marketing trends in the MENA Region currently, and how you can use them to help grow your business further, Have a look at a few of them!

Snack Ads

Snack Ads are video ads of about 10 seconds or shorter created to cater to the audience’s needs. People are now busier with their own lives and no one has time to watch long video ads. They are likely to skip the Ads that are 60 seconds or longer, as a result, the Ad will lose its importance and effectiveness. Therefore, make sure you create a short video ad that includes the key information to be delivered to the audience.


A chatbot is a Software Program that interacts with users and helps them achieve their goals. The chatbot is becoming a common digital marketing trend in the MENA region where a virtual customer service representative is available 24/7 to provide a personalized solution to different queries.

Voice Interaction

Smart devices such as Siri, Google, Alexa are gaining massive popularity, mainly because the verbal communication system is preferred more than typing system. So, if you want to rank among other marketers, make sure to acknowledge this emerging marketing trend.

We at Sales Leads Co. stay up-to-date with all digital marketing trends and help businesses achieve their goals, especially in the MENA region where digital marketing has not bloomed to its full potential yet. Contact us for services related to social media marketing, content writing, paid media, video production, organic SEO, and more. We can fully manage your entire social media campaign. For more information, visit us today!