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What are the Best SEO Tools for 2021?

Whether you are working on SEO strategies for your website or are just planning to formulate one, knowing the best SEO tools to employ for great results is always a serious concern. You never want to remain behind in the competition and analyzing things like keyword searches, content duplication, and competitor analysis must be on top priorities for you. We have often seen entrepreneurs and SEO professionals ending up with wrong reports due to overwhelming data in spreadsheets. 

Especially when you are handling multiple websites it becomes very tedious to evaluate data and perform audits for websites in focus. Today we present the list of the top 10 SEO tools that can help you to formulate SEO planning most effectively and handle the data from even multiple websites very easily. Each tool has its advantages and limitations so make sure to know the utility of these tools before you get motivated to use them after going through our list. 

Google Search Console – When it comes to the most effective SEO tools available these days you will find the Google search console leading the charts. This tool is free for every website owner and you can start using it after creating an account and verifying your website by placing a code. This tool is very helpful for indexing your website pages and monitoring the rankings of your keywords in Google SERP. The key feature of this tool is that it can present you accurate data about how your webpages performed while google bots were trying to index them and present you the list of pages that had presented problems with crawling.

Ahrefs – It is considered one of the top SEO tools and is recommended by the best SEO professionals around the globe. Ahref not only helps you to identify the weak points of your website to rank well on search engines but also assists you to do a refined competitor analysis so that you can study the practices your competitors are following to rank better in competition. By using it you can make sure that your strategies are not based on the only searches made by the users and are well refined by analyzing the click data for the keywords too.

SEMRush – If you are into a marketing business then SEMRush can prove to be a vital component for your success. This tool is an outstanding weapon to keep eye on the competitors and identifying the new ranking opportunities on search engines. One of the key features which make this tool very effective is the Domain vs. domain analysis with the help of which you can compare your website with top competitors and apply the practices they are following to cut the competition.

Google Trends – As per our insights, Google trends is one of the most underrated tools among the SEO community. This tool has a lot of features that only a seasoned expert can understand. With features like insights on the trending topics around your niche that can help you to lead the SEO efforts in the right direction, it can prove to be magical if used by a good SEO expert. This tool will help you to study the rise and fall in the search volumes spiked by any particular events.

Majestic – Studying the backlinks of your website as well as those of the competitors is one of the crucial things to get a successful ranking. With Majestic SEO you can have a detailed analysis of the backlink with outstanding reporting features so that you can do analysis easily. It also helps you send simple tables to the client so that they can also understand what are the drawbacks and potential areas to stack the competition.

Woorank – Woorank is one of the fantastic options for people looking for an effective SEO tool. This tool is available in both free and paid versions. The best part of using this tool to channelize your SEO efforts is that it provides you a detailed analysis of the keywords your competitors are using and form strategies to overlap them. It also helps you to study the performance of keywords in a set time frame so that you can identify the performing vs nonperforming keywords for your website.

SEOQuake – SEOQuake chrome extension is a top SEO tool that does not cost anything. Yes, it is free for users and caters to fantastic features to do a detailed analysis of your website. The tool can offer you outstanding assistance to do on-page audits, backlink analysis, and much more to formulate the best SEO strategies for your website. 

Siteliner – It is also one of the best SEO analysis tools as it helps you to identify duplicate content which is a major hurdle for a successful SEO strategy. By using this tool you can make sure that their no duplicate content on your web pages and also the reasons behind the skipping of pages by search engine crawlers. Both free and paid versions of this tool are available and simplicity to use it is one of the key factors behind its making to our top 10 list.

Fat Rank – Being 100% free and accurate this chrome extension is one of the very popular SEO tools in practice. With the help of this tool, you can get live results for your ranking in the top 100 positions. Just imagine if the client put an immediate request for his life ranking, just put the keyword in this extension and get live and accurate results in seconds. One of the key benefits of using this tool is that you can check for multiple keywords without a pause which will save a lot of time for you.

Keywords Everywhere – Being an SEO guy you must be well aware of the importance of keyword research for your website. If you are tired of trying options in hand or are looking to start with keyword research for your website then we will recommend that you try Keyword Everywhere. This tool is very efficient as it collects data from various credible sources such as Google Analytics and Google search console to make sure the accuracy of the results.

It is always a tough question to face which are the best SEO tools as there are so many aspects to compare and a single tool maybe not enough to evaluate all these aspects. We always recommend that you should employ a mix of these SEO tools in your arsenal so that you can get flawless accuracy in your reports as well as the efforts you put into SEO.