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What is the New Strategy for SEO in 2021?

As per the recent studies, there are more than 3.5 billion searches on Google each day. This whopping figure can make it very clear how important it is to create a perfect strategy for your SEO in 2021. Only the last two years have shown more than 30% growth in the number of active internet users and it is going to rise in the coming years. Today we will discuss with you some of the amendments which you need to do to your SEO strategies to get successful outcomes this year. 

Following the traditional approaches will be good if you are operating in a low competitive scenario but it does not work equally well in the situation where you are in cutthroat competition. Google has made a lot of changes to its search algorithms in the past few months and to lead the competition you need to understand and implement them well before diving into SEO planning. As the algorithms of all popular search engines keep on evolving with time so it is necessary to formulate appropriate changes to your strategies of search engine optimization. Below are some of the top factors you should keep in mind before formulating your SEO strategy in 2021:-

More focus on search Intent – Google has introduced a new search algorithm called BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers). With the help of this new algorithm, Google bots can now understand the intent-content relations much better. If you are planning to formulate an SEO strategy then make sure that your content is pure intent-based to rank well on the search engines. Though not matching the BRET’s standards does not cause any de-ranking or penalties from Google but is important for cutting the competition.

Refine your Keyword research – With so many features emerging on the search engines such as Google Q&A, pay-per-click ads, featured snippets, or more it becomes very difficult to get clicks on your search results. You can make changes in the approach of keyword research and can focus on long-tail keywords and target audiences to drive more traffic to your websites. Make sure that your keywords planning keep the BRET factor also in mind. The best way is to use the Google search console which is the number one tool to identify the new keywords for your business.

Core Web Vitals – Google has introduced three new metrics to decide your rankings on SERP. By using these metrics Google will study the user experience by evaluating the Loading speed, Interactivity, and stability of your web pages. If you want to get success with your SEO strategies in 2021 then you should consider these core web vitals to outsmart your competitors. Keep a watch on the stability of your web pages, the Interactivity of your content, and the loading speed of your website to get the best results in SERP.

Voice Search – There is an enormous increase in voice search queries in the past year and it should be taken into consideration while formulating the SEO. Study for various factors that impact the rankings while users do the voice search using Google assistant or devices like Alexa and smart speakers there is an unprecedented rise in voice search. Since voice search optimization is still a fresh concept but that does not mean it is irrelevant or should not be a part of your SEO strategies. It is a known fact that voice searches are often long-tail and have more possibility of conversion than regular searches using screens.

Video Marketing – If you scour the search engines for highly competitive keywords you can find that videos are getting the key placements in the search engines. If promoting your brands or products and services through engaging videos is not yet on your SEO agenda then it is the right time to start with it. Video with good engagements can give mind-blowing results and have a great potential of converting the leads into actual customers.

Featured Snippets – If you do not want to put more effort into long-form content and want to rank on the first page smartly then a Featured snippet is the best thing to target. We often refer to it as Zero Position and can find it on the top of the search results whenever we type any query. If you know how to rank using these snippets then you are likely to be ranked above all other search results in Google. The snippet is also gaining popularity due to its ease as users do not have to click on anything to get the information contained in them.

Artificial Intelligence – Believe it or not, AI plays a very important role in ranking factors, especially with Google. Do you remember RankBrain which was introduced by Google a few years back? As per Greg Corrado who was the key scientist behind its development, this is going to be the most vital component of the Google algorithm and will keep on learning with each passing day. Today all the rankings and search results on Google are based on AI that studies the user intent and relevancy to the results to the users. You should focus on decoding the algorithms and applying the most appropriate measures on your webpages to remain on the top positions.

Always consider E-A-T factors – If you have experience of doing SEO then you must be aware of the E-A-T principle which Google uses to fetch the results for every user’s search. Your focus on increasing the expertise, authority, and trust of your website will help you to gain better rankings as well as user trust to lead search positions for greater periods. If you lose your trust in the eyes of google then there are very low chances to recover from it and can turn into a big drawback for your SEO strategies.

SEO is changing very fast and the days when we used to just optimize the keywords and web pages to rank better are gone. With changing metrics and the introduction of new algorithms at regular intervals it becomes very essential to focus on the factors such as Video and voice searches also to get the best output from your SEO Strategies in 2021.