Financial Service Company-Noor Al-Mal

Business never bleeds, but the strategy does. Sales Leads have been known for their driving strategies, and Noor-Al-Mal can be one of the finest examples to evaluate the gravity of correction that was made to their existing strategies.

Elevated Conversion Rate

Like every business, Noor-Al-Mal (a subsidiary of NCM Investment, also known as NoorCM or NCM) was looking for extensive marketing. Sales Leads assisted Noor Al-Mal to identify and target the potential audience to yield the desired results in a couple of months!


Noor Al-Mal- A Financial Service Company



Measured Targets and Results

“Highlight of this section would be a 250% hike in Sales”. Missing out or opting for the unpolished process will result in the undesired results. Choosing Sales Leads, Noor Al-Mal witnessed the results from the very initial phase.

“Within five months, we have been able to achieve an increase in sales by 250% through Leads Generation Campaign.”

The Challenges

The vision of the client was pretty clean, but “sticking to a strategy with a process-oriented flow” was missing. Since the firm served its audience with honest services, the competition that the market offered was not that harsh.

As we analyzed, the weak practices of marketing strategies lead them to:

  • Acquiring a smaller market share
  • Progressive drop-in opened accounts
  • Lack of awareness in Public
  • A good amount of new policies and offers used to go unnoticed
  • Lack of database accountability and the use of existing data.

First Aid:

The first thing that we do for our clients is Damage Control. We know the value of money and always make sure that every penny spent on marketing must come with ROI. The lists of First Aids were:

  • A report was generated that stated that our client was initially following the conventional marketing methodologies.
  • It was identified that the client was using digital marketing platforms, which were not catering to the target audience. As a result, the high volume of leads with the conversion rate was not exceeding 0.02%.
  • Company’s previous marketing campaigns were monitored to look for the loopholes
  • Competitor’s campaigns and strategies were analyzed.
  • Continues Monitoring of loopholes gave us the window to fix the issues at once so that the already running campaigns start resulting in bearing fruits in the long run.

The improved-designed campaigns took care of the potential audience. Segregated platforms that would result in better engagements were identified instead of overall broadcasting. This way, the budget was optimized at its best, and the firm stopped bleeding.

Process and Engagement Model

Since we took care of the previous ills, we moved forward with our strategy tables.

With the engagement of our creative department along with the bullish sales rep, we launched the new campaigns, and we ensured continuous monitoring over them. Campaign Optimization is one of the key steps that make us apart from others.

Once the optimal strategies were implied, the results appeared to be strong and direct. Two factors that played an important role in delivering the striking results were:

  • Search Indexed Video marketing
  • Calibrated design themes

It was pretty clear that- using videos and themes would attract the audience, and it did work for us. The convincing messages were then converted into leads, and the funnel did not stop there. We walk the extra mile, not to impress but to make sure our own firm’s marketing shall travel with our client.

Focusing on the constant activities on the digital media platforms- Facebook, Instagram, and SEM, we ensured that the brand reach is maximized and optimized.

Domino effect

The conversion rate rose to 10%; hence, the quality of the leads improved significantly.

Final Results

  • Within five months the total sales increased by 250%, and
  • The overall conversion rate was around 7%.

Let’s work in Partnership

The approach of custom-tailored solutions fit in the business’s unique needs to ignite your presence in the community.

Make your Brand ready to go Global:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Customized Training Courses
  • Paid Media
  • Video Production
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Content Writing
  • Organic SEO
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

Connect the Dots

“Marketing tools and Vision” designs an optimized process to empower your Brand. Outfit the essential components of your business by making it a brand, leaving no stone unturned.

Visualize Your Brand

Brand recognition is more than creating a logo. It’s an organization’s personality and a painted canvas that an audience visualizes. A well-executed branding always provides a competitive edge in the market.

What does Branding Statistics say?

“Brand recognition increases by 80 percent through color consistency.”

“Approximately 45 percent of Brand’s image is directly associated with the message and the approach implied to deliver it.”

“Word of mouth is the most effective way to spread your Brand like bush fire. More than 64 percent of people cite the shared values of having a relationship with a brand.”

No matter if you are a pro or a newbie, or desire to re-develop your Brand. “Sales Leads” works to cater to your Brand with a platter of visibility and conversions.