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Sales from $ 200K to $1 M+
The luster of Million sales is undoubtedly a dream that every venture seeks. With Sales Leads, SEDCO built a strong network that included agents and clients in Africa, with sales reaching from $ 200K to $1 M+.
Build an effective and optimized platform that aims to consider and fulfill the evolving and innovative solutions.


SEDCO- IT Company



Measured Results

Since 1983, SEDCO has been topping the charts in Customer Journey and Experience Management Innovation.The campaign focused on identifying potential clients in several sectors, including banks, telecom, health sector, and the public sector in East Europe and Asia. Hence, the rigorous activities made the campaign a successful one.“As the campaign resulted in identifying more than

15 interested clients with one solid bank client who is coming to close the deal during 2020.”

What SEDCO expected from us?

  • Better Quality Leads
  • Vast Business Driving Strategies
  • Proven brand awareness
  • Qualified B2B associations

Sadly, the desire to increase their sales through global expansion to new markets, several traditional attempts were tried, such as exhibition participation and event organizing, but the results were not fruitful. As the company was in the quest for expanding its reach in Africa and East Europe, several traditional marketing techniques, as well as strategies, were taken care of. The activities included:

  • Event Organization,
  • Exhibition Participation and
  • B2B Meetings.

However, upon putting all pieces, the results were still below expectations. The other challenge was to reciprocate the leads with brand-building exercises. These are two different things that need close amalgamation.

The Challenges Faced During the Transition
The first and foremost hurdle was to identify the agents and the clients in sectors like-

  • Banks
  • Telecommunication and Health.

The other challenge was to create custom content. The targeted areas included South Africa, Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Ghana, and Kenya.

Solution Driven Strategies
Upon brainstorming, we formulated custom marketing strategies. As the ideas got converted into concepts, several approaches were presented over the table. Out of which, the best-suited ones were picked up that catered to the needs of the project.
We started by implementing the digital marketing campaign. This way, we acquired the potential clients as well as agents through Lead Generation campaigns.

  • Our main approach was to create custom content with the local languages.
  • Identify the target segment size of these marketing strategies for the various digital media platforms.
  • Create and suggest the budget to SEDCO. The budget was created keeping the requirements in mind like-

Getting leads for agents and clients; those who are interested in the products Services that SEDCO offers.

  • These campaigns were launched on LinkedIn.

Every strategy we implemented came with a milestone and a deadline, and we were able to achieve the whopping results. (Just in Time)

Process and Engagement Model
Understanding the aspects, the focus was directed on identifying the company’s USP.

  • The strategies were created in a well- structured manner based on the competitive analysis in the target market.
  • After gathering all the requirements and analysis results, the marketing plan was executed accordingly.
  • Once the campaign setup was done, the optimization was put in action on the scale of feedbacks to attain the maximum results.
  • Sales-Leads have facilitated patrons, thereby scaling up its global presence with a perfect blend of passionate marketing experts and a comprehensive analytical approach.

The Upshot

Based on the different geographical regions, the results also varied. However, “The overall performance exceeded 85 % from the targets, Grabbed more than 20 interested agents and clients, The conversion rate from the leads to the actual deal was around 10%.“

Domino effect

SEDCO was able to develop success cases in Africa and created a strong network of agents and clients with sales reaching from $ 200K to $1 M+

Final Results

20 leads and 2 closed deals within a one-month campaign duration

Let’s work in Partnership

The approach of custom-tailored solutions fit in the business’s unique needs to ignite your presence in the community. Make your Brand ready to go Global:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Customized Training Courses
  • Paid Media
  • Video Production
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Content Writing
  • Organic SEO
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

Connect the Dots

Digital Marketing is an umbrella embracing a vast domain with multiple sub-branches, each holding equal importance. Maximize your sales with the trending strategies and tools that, too, in a customizable solution to fulfill a brand’s need.“Marketing tools and Vision” designs an optimized process to empower your Brand. Outfit the essential components of your business by making it a brand, leaving no stone unturned.

Visualize Your Brand

Brand recognition is more than creating a logo. It’s an organization’s personality and a painted canvas that an audience visualizes. A well-executed branding always provides a competitive edge in the market.

What does Branding Statistics say?

“Brand recognition increases by 80 percent through color consistency.”“Approximately 45 percent of Brand’s image is directly associated with the message and the approach implied to deliver it.”

“Word of mouth is the most effective way to spread your Brand like bush fire. More than 64 percent of people cite the shared values of having a relationship with a brand.”

No matter if you are a pro or a newbie, or desire to re-develop your Brand. “Sales Leads” works to cater to your Brand with a platter of visibility and conversions.