Food Manufacturer Company- Nafeeseh Sweets

1 Month- 20 Leads and 2 Closed Deals!

When you hire a marketing agency, people always get confused with the outcomes. Instead of thinking of an agency as a bank, we always make sure that every customer feels like it is a “solution center.” Nafeeseh Sweets was one of our customers who were magnificently good at their business but lacked expertise in marketing.

Nafeeseh Sweets

The Challenges

Convincing digital practices to the customer was one of the biggest challenges, apart from that telling them that their idea of advertising will not cater to the audience in other provinces.

Moreover, the other provinces were not even from the native country, but were:

  • North America
  • West Europe.

The vision was clear, the targets were high, and the test of time was:

  • To proof the worth of digital marketing
  • To come up with good lead conversions
  • To amplify the lead funnel in a way that even the weakest leak does not fall from the plate.

Quantified Results and Milestones

Once we bought some time and budget from the client, we were given free hands by agreeing to one condition, which stated that we are not allowed to fiddle with the brand image or must not get under inadequate light.

The entire project was given to 3 different departments:

  • Creative marketing Department
  • Business Analysts Department
  • Sales Marketing Department

A good amount of data was collected from geo-targeted locations. The data were converted into strategies. The challenge was to come up to a position where the risk is less, and the ROI is more guaranteed. To tackle this situation, the things we did were:

  • We consulted the locals of our target places
  • Distributors and Marketplace owners were also consulted
  • The digital data and Telephonic data were brought on a paper to evaluate the calculations physically.
  • The local newspapers and calendars were the secret ingredient because it enabled us to set the campaign dates for optimum results chronically.

Solution Driven Strategies

The usual digital marketing strategies were not going to help us. So we once the groundwork was ready, we implemented three different strategies at the very same. The reason behind such different strategies was:

  1. To capture the unknown territories in native & international ways.
  2. To understand the market slips in one go
  3. To get accustomed to the business model that the locals were following

Process and Engagement Model

AB testing is what Google suggested, and we ended up with ABC testing.

The replies were positive, the ROI was hitting the charts, and very soon, the excel sheet for leads was filling the cells. The client was asked to get a hold over telephonic marketing, and thus the sales funnel was completed with repeated follow-ups.

The Upshot

The results vary just as the two geographical regions do due to the wide-ranging culture and habits. The marketing campaigns were designed based on the regions, which in turn yielded out great results:

“There is an 85% in the performance 20 new leads over a month, Minimal difference in the rate from the leads to the actual deal was around 10%.“

Domino effect

Nafeeseh Sweets was able to develop success cases in North America and West Europe. It created a strong network of agents and clients

Let’s work in Partnership

The approach of custom-tailored solutions fit in the business’s unique needs to ignite your presence in the community.Make your Brand ready to go Global:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Customized Training Courses
  • Paid Media
  • Video Production
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Content Writing
  • Organic SEO
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

Visualize Your Brand

Brand recognition is more than creating a logo. It’s an organization’s personality and a painted canvas that an audience visualizes. A well-executed branding always provides a competitive edge in the market.